EDB Joint Industry Postgraduate Scholarship (JIP) Nanyang Technological University Singapore

EDB Joint Industry Postgraduate Scholarship (JIP) Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Who can apply?

1. Singaporeans or Permanent Residents (PR) of Singapore
2. Non-Singaporeans and non-Singapore PR (International Student)

Eligible Criteria

1. For PhD/MEng programme
2. Students to undertake research study in IC Design. Topics include RF, analogue, digital, mixed-signal, VLSI, low-power, device modelling, EDA, etc

To develop the specialized manpower required for the local IC Design industry, the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) together with local companies fund MEng and PhD studies in the area of IC Design under the JIP (Joint Industry Postgraduate) programme. Tuition Fees and a monthly stipend (between S$2,500 to $3,000) are covered during the duration of the study. On completion of the degree requirements for PhD/MEng, scholars are required to serve a 2-year (MEng candidate) / 3-year (PhD candidate) bond with the sponsoring company.

The scholarships may be offered to non-Singaporeans or non-Singapore Permanent Residents. Successful applicants will be contractually obliged to work in Singapore-based companies for a minimum period of 3 years upon graduation; and submit application for PR-ship or Singapore citizenship within 3 months from the date of graduation. He/She should attain PR-ship or Singapore citizenship within 2 years from the date of graduation. He/She who does not attain PR-ship or Singapore citizenship from the date of graduation may be subject to the indemnification clauses of the sponsoring company.

*Service Obligation to Work in Sponsoring Company upon Graduation

Master of Engineering = 3 Year
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) = 4 Year

* The scholar's first obligation is to work for his/her sponsoring company. If he/she is not selected for employment by his/her sponsoring company, the scholar will have to serve his/her scholarship bond in a Singapore-registered company and remains on Singapore’s company payroll. Applicants must not concurrently hold or be serving out their bond for any other scholarships from other government ministries/agencies and/or companies. He/She is required to declare if they are holders of any other scholarships with bond obligations and other study funding assistance. Failure to do so may result in the scholarship being withdrawn and/or have legal implications.

The list of companies and degree programmes offered are as follows:

1. Broadcom Singapore Pte Ltd for PhD
2. GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte Ltd for MEng / PhD
3. Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd for MEng / PhD
4. Lantiq Asia Pacific Pte Ltd for MEng / PhD
5. MediaTek Singapore Pte Ltd for MEng / PhD
6. Panasonic Industrial Devices Semiconductor Asia for MEng / PhD
7. Silicon Laboratories International Pte Ltd for MEng / PhD
8. SiliconCore Technology Pte Ltd for MEng
9. STMicroelectronics Pte Ltd for PhD
10. Verigy, Ltd (fully integrated into Advantest w.e.f. 1 April 2012) for PhD

NOTE: The Scholarship will be awarded at the discretion of sponsoring companies after the selection interview.
The research topics include RF and mm-wave, analog, mixed-signal, low-power, low-noise, power management and data converters, device modelling, EDA, high linearity circuits, bio-inspired integrated circuits and systems, energy harvesting and green integrated circuits and systems, terahertz CMOS IC, 3D CMOS IC RF integrated circuits and systems, VLSI design, LED drivers, etc.

view our faculty’s research interests and details under Division of Circuits and Systems for potential postgraduate studies. You may like to contact them for more information.

Research Interests

1. Power Engineering
2. Circuits and Systems
3. Information Engineering
4. Control and Instrumentation
5. Communication Engineering
6. Microelectronics

Do note that the application timeline (http://admissions.ntu.edu.sg/graduate/R-Programs/BeforeApplying-Research/Pages/ApplicationPeriod.aspx) follows the NTU PhD/MEng application schedule. Admission is in August or January each academic year. Applicants are advised to apply before the last day of submission for the desired intake.

Click here (http://admissions.ntu.edu.sg/graduate/R-Programs/R-WhenYouApply/Pages/R-HowtoApply.aspx) to apply via the paperless system (refer to 3b). You may indicate JIP-VIRTUS (IC Design, preferred sponsoring company name(s)) in your application. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure that you include all necessary information and documentation, and are aware of the closing and notification dates.

Please contact Assoc Prof SIEK Liter (elsiek@ntu.edu.sg) for sponsoring companies or Graduate Programmes Office, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (eee_gpo@ntu.edu.sg) for general applications.

For admission details, please click here (http://admissions.ntu.edu.sg/graduate/R-Programs/Pages/default.aspx).

International applicants are advised to look up important information such as student's pass, cost of living, etc at the International Student Centre's website (http://www.ntu.edu.sg/isc/Pages/index.aspx)


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